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article • Tuesday, September 26th 2017

Sewing a bright future

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"Once I used to be an employee for someone but now I am providing jobs for other people. Times have changed," says 39-year-old Dil Bahadur, a father of three from Jumla.

It's a slightly nippy day in Jumla and Dil Bahadur is busy sewing clothes. One after another customers keep on appearing at his tailoring centre and it’s a challenge for him to continue his work and deal with customers at the same time. However, he seems to be enjoying it and greets all customers with a wide smile.

"Demand is high," he says.

Dil Bahadur was in grade five when his mother passed away and he was compelled to leave school and work. His father also worked as a tailor all his life so it was no surprise when Dil Bahdur followed in his footsteps. He worked at a tailoring centre for 12 long years. "Those were the days of my struggle," he recalls. "Work was tough and the pay was not enough to support my family expenses. Moreover, I had left school so I had no opportunity to find a better job."

But opportunity came when World Vision and its partner NGO, Karnali Sustainable Development Academy, gave him and other people in his community 45-day tailoring training along with material support. "My life took a new turn after that training," he says. "Not only did I learn more about tailoring but I gained enough confidence to start my own business."

Immediately after completion of the training he started his debut venture – New Nisha Fashion Tailors – and after that he’s never looked back. "I get plenty of customers everyday and there is too much work for me to handle. That's why I have hired four people. I'm glad I have been able to provide them with employment," he says.

Dil Bahadur was so motivated by the success of his business that he opened another shop just adjacent to his tailoring centre where his wife Belkosha sits all day and sells ready-made clothes.

Belkosha says, "I am happy with our progress. My husband has used the lessons from the tailoring training and started this business which is running smoothly. We earn more than 25,000 rupees ($250) a month."

Dil Bahadur and his wife's dream is to send their children to good colleges when they grow up so that they can become successful in life. That is why they are saving a portion of their earnings for their children's education.

"Education is everything. I could not study because of difficult circumstances but I don't want my children to go through the same hardship. They will get a good education and be somebody. One day they will make me proud," he says. 

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