Friday, September 23, 2016
Partnering with Parvati: Then and now
Parvati no longer believes that one’s fate cannot be changed.Born in a poor family, the youngest of nine children, she comes from a village in Udayapur so remote that it’s at least seven hours to the nearest bus stop. Child marriage was rampant in her village, which is why her eldest sister got married at the age of 15. She now has a daughter as old as Parvati.
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Solar lamps helping communities
Saroj, 11, studies under the solar light in his temporary house in Gorkha built after the earthquake. After the earthquake there was no light in most of the houses in his community for months before it was reinstalled. This solar lamp was the only source of light for his family until the restoration. “I could do my homework and study at night when there was no electricity at all in our village. Now, I use it when studying in the evening,” he says.
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May 16th 2016
Reaching the most vulnerable through cash programmes
It’s a busy day for more than 100 families in Haibung Village Development Committee. They are receiving their cash slips as part of the Conditional Cash Distribution program for vulnerable families.From a female-headed household, Makhamali, age 51, is one of the mothers waiting in line. She has walked for nearly 2 hours to reach the distribution point to collect NPR 7,500 (about USD $70), which she needs to provide for her family’s basic needs.
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April 20th 2016
Nepal Earthquake- One year on
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April 15th 2016
Nepal Earthquake - 6 months on
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October 20th 2015
Ending Silence on Issues Facing Girls
Eleven-year old Radhika looks no different from girls her age.She studies in the seventh grade in a nearby community school. She loves to chat and play with friends, study and take care of household chores like looking after her baby sister in her free time. What sets her apart from many children her age is her outlook in life. She has a sound understanding of the issues that plagues children in her community. She has learned about the rights of children and is committed to bring change to her community despite her age.
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October 1st 2014