Educational Neglect

Burundi has greatly improved in terms of school enrolment, reaching more than 90% of all school age children enrolled at Primary School. However, a number of parents and caregivers fail to attend to the needs of the children during their education process. Very few pay attention to the attendance of their children and their entire life at school where they spend much of their time. This favours truancy and absenteeism which in turn gravely affect school attendance and performance as well as the completion rate and the completion age. Between 2008 and 2012, the gross enrolment ratio at primary school attained respectively 164.1 (male), and 164.9 (female). However, for the same period, the rate of completion from first to the last grade of primary school was only 82% (both female and male) (4) . School drop-out and late completion have serious implications on national competency in various domains of public life.

(4) The State of the World's Children (UNICEF, 2015), Reimagine the future: Innovation for every child.