Education in Burundi
Our Goal  

Improved Quality of Education and Life Skills of Children and Adolescents

What is the problem?

Although education has been the core focus of Burundi’s Government’s long-term development plan since 2013 and despite significant investment (the government allocates 17.2% of its annual budget to this sector), many challenges remain. Despite the government’s efforts to improve infrastructure, classrooms are overcrowded and students and teachers often lack the necessary training and materials to facilitate the necessary learning.

What is World Vision doing?

We are partnering with the government of Burundi to improve educational opportunities by focusing on training teachers. By implementing the Literacy Boost Project, not only are we training teachers in innovative methods of teaching children to read, we are also empowering parents and community members to participate in the educational process by facilitating reading camps. And, we are making reading resources available and fun. Our teams have distributed 24,720 developmentally-appropriate and locally-relevant reading materials for children to enjoy. 

We are and mobilizing communities to support with the construction of infrastructures. And, for older children/adolescents, we are providing alternative educational opportunities through vocational training where youth can learn about and start off-farm income generating projects.

Is what World Vision doing working?

Yes! Test results show that children who participate in reading camps perform better in classes than those who did not and 401 adolescents successfully completed vocational training.

What’s the impact?*
  • 20,927 children are learning to read because their teachers received training in the Literacy Boost methodology
  • 314 reading camps established
  • 90 Early Childhood Development centres established or rehabilitated and providing a start to education for 3,868 young students.

*Numbers from 2017

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