Children council committee leader Davka talking about climate change in Mongolia

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So every child can live in a healthy

environment today and in the future.


Sponsor a child today

There have never been more reasons to sponsor a child than right now. 

The climate crisis is affecting everyone, but girls and boys in the most vulnerable communities are bearing the brunt of the impact.

We are the least responsible for climate change, but we are the most affected by its impacts. This is not fair.” Shania, 15, Tanzania

The impacts of climate change are catastrophic  leading to hunger, lack of access to clean water, and loss of livelihoods. 

But you can help tackle the climate crisis. And change the future not just for one child, but for their entire community.

Sponsor a child today

Restoring forests; fighting climate change

When you choose to sponsor a child, you can help them to cope with the impact of climate change and take action to build a better tomorrow.

As a sponsor, you will partner with children and their communities to strengthen their resilience to disasters and other impacts of climate change, lead the change with reforestation and other environmental stewardship programmes, and make their voice heard by decision makers.

Nearly 1 billion children across the globe are now living in countries at extremely high risk of climate change and environmental danger.

But for every child you help, four more children benefit too.

There are so many reasons to sponsor a child. When you choose to sponsor, you can provide lasting change that impacts not just one child, but their entire community.



Sponsor a child today

World Vision sponsorship is helping communities cope with effects of climate change in Marsabit

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