Child Protection

Keeping children from harm!

Across all of World Vision’s development, relief and advocacy work, our top priority is to ensure all children, especially the most vulnerable, are protected from harm.

We listen to children to understand their experiences, and work with families, communities and child-safe entities to keep children safe.

What is happening?
  • 27 percent of children age 5-14 in Ethiopia are involved in child labor—17% of children age 5-11 and 55% of children age 12-14.
  • 18 % of children age 5-11 and 40% of children age 12-14 are engaged in household chores for 28 or more hours in a week.
  • Prevalence of early marriage nationwide was 21.4% in 2008. 1 in every 5 women.
  • An estimated 17.6% (14 million) people live with disability in Ethiopia
  • Less than 1% of children with disabilities have access to education in Ethiopia
Our Goals:
  • Reduction of child labor in project operation Areas (Gamo Gafa and Wolaita Zones and Gullele Sub-city in Addis Ababa).
  • To contribute to the protection and participation of children through the promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • People with disabilities within WVE programme & organizational level enjoy dignity and sustained wellbeing equally with others
Major Activities
  • Promoting education opportunities for children
  • Livelihoods improvement
  • Youth employment
  • Social Protection
  • National/regional institutions capacity building
  • Research
  • Enhance social empowerment through capacity building
  • Contribute to the reduction of prevalence of FGM
  • Promote inclusive basic services (WaSH, Health etc)
  • Empower community members with and without disabilities through disability sensitization such as training or awareness campaigns.
  • Policy advocacy on inclusion of people with disabilities
Major Achievements
  • School dropout reduced in target areas
  • Target children retained in schools
  • Enrollment in target schools increased
  • Income of target HHs has increased
  • Asset ownership of target HHs has increased by 78%
  • Additional adult employment was created for target HHs
  • 90% of clients have compiled to minimum Occupational Safety and Health (standards are established at the community level based on codes of conduct for their workplace)
  • Target communities are running child labor monitoring, reporting and referral systems
  • Supported publication of nation plan of action (NAP) to eliminate worst forms of child labor
  • Capacity of faith leaders and community leaders on gender equality developed
  • Mother friendly space for lactating women established at HO level
  • 10,143 children with disabilities (4756 girls) were directly benefited from the inclusive programming
  • Disability awareness of the community has been increased significantly.
  • Community supports people with disabilities as a result of continuous awareness raising activities.
  • Created educational opportunity for children with disabilities