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article • Monday, November 5th 2018


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 Donor: EU Delegation.

Project Implementing Partners: World Vision Georgia, Association of Young Economists of Georgia and Georgian Association of Social Workers.

Overall Goal: To contribute to good governance, accountability and inclusive policy-making in Georgia featuring empowered civil society at local and regional levels.

Implementation Period: 01.02.2018 – 31.01.2020

Geographical Area: 6 Regions of Georgia with 13 municipalities:

Kakheti Region: Telavi, Gurjaani and Kvareli Municipalities;

Samtskhe-Javakheti Region: Akhaltshikhe and Adigeni Municipalities;

Imereti Region: Baghdati and Zestaponi Municipalities;

Kvemo Kartli Region: Rustavi and Marneuli Municipalities;

Samegrelo Region: Abasha and Senaki Municipalities;

Adjara Region: Batumi and Shuakhevi Municipalities;

Target Groups: Local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs); 13 Municipalities from 6 Region of Georgia;

Local Business; Around 200 Communities of the targeted Municipalities, in particular, the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups:

- Children

- Youth

- Women

- National minorities

- IDPs

- Persons with disabilities

With an aim to enhance accountability and participatory policy-making at local level, the project during its implementation period will work on the following directions:

1. Increase the CSOs’ capacities in participatory budget development, monitoring and advocacy;

2. Enhance the Collaboration between Local Authorities and CSOs for participatory decision/policy making;

3. Support CSOs and Local Authorities to develop and deliver accessible and quality social services with a focus on vulnerable groups;

4. Increase awareness on CSR and volunteerism among CSOs, Local Authorities and the private sector, through facilitation of multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Based on conducted work the project envisages having the following results: Empowered local CSOs able to influence policies and effectively advocate for the rights of their target groups;More inclusive, responsive and effective policies meeting the needs of their communities;Local Authorities become more credible, legitimate, and effective through increased social accountability and participatory decision-making;Sustainability of local civil society sector enhances through cross-sector partnerships, including the private sector.

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