Community Mobilization and Participation


The project “Community Mobilization and Participation” is aimed to contribute to the realization of the fundamental rights Asylum Seekers, Persons Granted International Protection, Persons in Stateless Determination Procedure, and Stateless Persons in Georgia, strengthen community-based protection, contribute to peaceful coexistence with the local population and integration process.

During COVID 19 pandemic, World Vision and UNHCR project COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION AND MOBILISATION provided food and hygiene packages, as well different educational and psychosocial services to the residents of Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers operating under Ministry of Internal Affairs, and beneficiaries of Martkopi Recenption Center.

59 individuals receive the food/hygiene packages on a weekly basis.

315 persons of Concern (PoC)/ 128 households were identified, assessed and consulted, as well as referred to the relevant service providers according to their needs. All families with more than 3 children were supported to apply to the Program for Families with Children in Crisis Situation.  In addition, with WVG support Families are registered in emergency assistance services at municipal level.

100 households (243 individuals) were provided with UNHCR cash assistance program to those individuals who lost their jobs due to pandemic and were unable to pursue economic activities.

17 children from low socio-economic backgrounds who are deprived of possibilities to participate in the distant schooling process are getting education services via phone individually on a daily basis.

10 asylum seeker children in Martkopi Reception Center have been receiving educational services from childcare specialist on a daily basis online.

The psychologist has continued individual counselling as well as group sessions to the beneficiaries.

7 peer-to-peer meetings (for 87 Individuals/households) have been organized virtually about the access to education.

Recommendations and governmental regulations regarding COVID 19 are posted regularly on different languages on the Facebook page of Multi-Service Center. The information is disseminated by Community Group facilitators via SMSs too.

Multi-Service center is the space for the community mobilization of asylum-seekers, refugees, humanitarian status holders and stateless persons in Georgia. The Centre provides educational courses and various cultural and social activities. Centre service beneficiaries have the opportunity to take initiatives and run their own activities and events.

During pandemic the activates were temporary suspended. Now Multi-Service center remains open. The hotline number operates 24/7.