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Nordic Donors

By the numbers


Countries currently funded by Nordics Donors

43.2 million

USD financed by SIDA

1.8 million

USD financed by DANIDA in Kenya

Nordic Donors


Over the years, World Vision has partnered with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), and the Finnish International Development Agency (FINNIDA).

Together we have supported a range of life-changing work in a range of countries.

Nordic donor-funded programmes in Kenya have included helping families harvest and sell honey; have provided solar lamps so children can study; and have helped improve children’s health by providing energy-saving and environmentally friendly cookstoves. In Rwanda, SIDA has been instrumental in helping women and youth in Rwanda whose family’s primary income is from farming, increase their income in other ways.

We are excited to work with these donors and look forward to further collaboration in the years to come. 

For more information about World Vision's work with Nordic donors, or to discuss potential collaboration contact Shane Quinn 

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Tackling fragility through rejuvenating trees and forests

World Vision always looks to work with the most vulnerable children, who are often in the most fragile contexts. As an organisation themes such as faith, gender equality  and social inclusion, and climate change cut across our sustainable development, humanitarian response, and our advocacy work. Below are some articles and resources that speak to this.


Adaptability in Humanitarian Context

What do you do when it all turns to mud?

Adaptability in Humanitarian Context

Our relatively new framework builds on our years of experience working in different contexts, and is a brilliant lens through which we can address children’s needs “across the nexus” in a holistic manner and take us out of our silos. 

Forecasting and flexibility – keys to operating in fragile contexts

Forecasting and flexibility

Keys to operating in fragile contexts

A few days before a roundtable in Stockholm on how to plan in fragile contexts, Johan reflects on the challenge of doing humanitarian work when so much is unknown.

Faith in Action

Faith in Action

Putting People at the Centre of Data Management

Amos Doornbos explains how the next step in treating people and their data with respect means enabling access and portability.