Ukrainian mother flees war with her son who thinks he is going on vacation.
World Refugee Day

"We try not

to tell him

this is war."




You can help protect children

who have been forced to leave

everything behind in an instant.


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For those who've lost everything...

We’ve all seen how the conflict in Ukraine has forced so many children to leave everything behind. 

But the problem is so much bigger than just Ukraine. Across the world, there are more than 20 million refugees — more than there were during World War II.

In places like Myanmar, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ukraine, children’s lives change in an instant as they are forced to give up their childhoods and flee for their lives. This is not the future any child dreams of.

Donate today to protect and provide for children whose lives have been changed in an instant.

When life changes, we change lives.

Displaced people often don’t have the resources to adapt, so we need to work together to help them survive, recover and build a future.

Protect the world's most vulnerable children

From teddy bears to ticking bombs — young children’s lives are changed forever when conflict erupts. Children from Ukraine, Syria and other war-torn countries have been forced to leave everything behind. But you can help. Donate and protect the world’s most vulnerable children.

When vulnerable children are living in dangerous places, we work to help them survive, recover and build back stronger. To do this, we rely on our global networks and infrastructure to provide:

  • Food distributions and assistance
  • Health, nutrition, water, and hygiene support
  • Access to vaccinations, medical care and support
  • Safe places for children to learn, play and receive emotional support.
  • Vocational training and livelihood programmes
  • Cash, voucher transfers and social protection 

These are unprecedented times. But, with your support, we’re able to respond to unexpected crises.

When life changes in an instant, we move instantly.

Syrian refugee children in a camp

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