mTTC Brief 05

mTTC Brief

About the mTTC App:

The mTTC app is built in the common MOTECH Suite (CommCare), allowing easy adaptation and alignment to national data systems. The app collects real-time household-level data on practices, which can easily be assimilated and used in data-based feedback and supervision. The app ensures CHWs time home visits correctly by gestation/age of child, sending reminders on missed visits and follow-up, and improving workload management. It includes audio-visuals with multiple language settings, and press-play messages to give accurate information to caregivers. CHWs are prompted to conduct post-referral assessment of care including essential newborn care practices, stock-outs and case handling. In two countries it also includes accurate diagnostics of childhood illnesses. TTC App is used by CHWs conducting TTC home visits to communicate and track health practices for maternal newborn and child health at the household level.