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How the global shutdown
affects vulnerable children


family in Hondras sits with food support provided by World Vision

Like many around the world, the global lockdown has halted every aspect of life for Eduardo, 12 “I miss my friends and my classmates. Hopefully, the Coronavirus disease ends soon. It scares me. I don't want to catch the disease."

Like many children in poorer areas of Honduras, the fear of COVID-19 has been  made worse by the psychological impact lockdown has had. Economic uncertainty, home schooling and food shortages are causing both parents and children to reach an emotional boiling point. When our staff travelled between villages, distributing food , agricultural kits and medical supplies for health centres, they picked up on the tension immediately.

Héctor, a seventh grader in Lempira, Honduras, talked about his anger, dwindling friendships due to homeschooling and the boredom he faces everyday as lockdown enters its sixth month. He describes his struggle as feeling, “isolated within my isolation."

“...Isolated within my isolation."

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"...when your children are going hungry, fear sets in."

María de Jesús, 51, a community leader believes that the lack of certainty has pushed those struggling to survive to the brink. “Families have many needs. Among these food concerns stand out, when your children are going hungry, fear sets in. Last year's harvest was scarce due to the stormy winter and a long summer. When people have money to buy food, there is less of a problem. But, combine scarce access to food with  a lack of income and the situation becomes critical”

We believe that providing food rations for over 20,000 adults and children will help to relieve the mental stress that has been created by the extended lockdown in Honduras.

Help us to continue our efforts and to reach out to children like those in Honduras and those living in dangerous places around the world so they know they’re not alone at this difficult time.

By uniting to share our love of food, we can work together to tackle hunger and ensure access to nutritious food for all people, regardless of where they live.

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Hunger is solvable if we all work together

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