Lucky card for my LIFE!!

“Cough… cough…cough” the coughing sound of her second daughter woke Ma Ei from her sleep. For the whole night, she just fell asleep while thinking about her family issues and the youngest daughter’s tuition fees to be paid by the end of the month. As soon as she opens her eyes, anxiety about the family issues came back to her.

As she was washing her face, she has been thinking about what the volunteer said yesterday. “World Vision is going to give out cards to the poor families”. Ma Ei can’t help but wonder, “What those cards are for? Are they registration card for vulnerable families? How are they going to input our data?”
“Mom, I couldn’t sleep the whole night. My whole body in pain and please give me some pills”, the voice of her daughter pulled back Ma Ei from her thoughts.

“Of course, darling, take this traditional medicine for now. They are good”, Ma Ei tried to make her daughter feel better but deep down inside she know herself that she cannot afford to buy good quality medicine.

“Son, get up, you will be late for work”, Ma Ei wake her son up to go to work as she prepare breakfast and lunch box for children.

Ma Ei is a widower.She got married pretty early and her husband died with tuberculosis right after two months when her youngest daughter was born. Ma Ei’s youngest daughter is also taking TB pills and her health condition is not so good because of malnutrition and side effects of strong medicine.

Her oldest son “Ko Ye” is 19 years old and working in a chicken food factory and the whole family is depending on him. Although Ma Ei used to open a small noodle shop, she had to close the shop because of her daughter’s condition. Ma Ei  always wanted to have a little more money to reopen the noodle shop again.

Today, Ma Ei is worrying about the family’s future while listening to World Vision development works in her village.

After giving the information about her family’s condition, family members, ID number and names, Ma Ei received a card with her photo on it.

Moreover, she received 50,000 Kyats ($45 USD) for her. “I’m so happy, Now I can get nutritious food for my children,

I can give my daughter’s tuition fees, and I can reopen my noodle shops” Ma Ei whispers herself.

“I would like to thank World Vision for supporting vulnerable families like us. This card is a lucky card for us. I will keep it safe. And This will always be with our family” says Ma Ei .

World Vision Myanmar organized BCR and LMMS training from 9 to 13 July 2018 and aimed to build staff capacity for the application and utilization of digital technology to design, register and deliver multi-purpose (cash and in-kind) programs. The training was led by 2 technical specialists from SAPO Office. 13 participants from National Office and 6 participants from 5 ADPs attended the training. During the five days training, it was also included pilot test in Hmawbi Township for practical. The households who were part of the pilot test were from 25 villages from Hmawbi Township. There were provided information about why the pilot test was conducted using the system and the effectiveness and efficiency of using LMMS system have also been shared with them. Beneficiaries registration, LMMS ID cards printing and Distribution, Cash distribution using LMMS cards and Cash disbursement to beneficiaries were done smoothly using the LMMS system during the pilot test. 2,500,000 MMK of cash has been distributed to 50 households using the LMMS system so each household received 50,000 MMK.