Child Protection

Children growing up in a safe and protected environment free from violence, neglect, abuse and exploitation has a key priority across all programs. By promoting awareness on Child Rights and Protection and building capacity of children, youth, parents and caregivers, World Vision makes sure that children can live their life to the fullest. World Vision continues to help Human Trafficking survivors, former Child Soldiers and street children reintegrate with their families and communities.

Achievements in 2018

  • 271 child protection cases reported of which235 cases closed
  • 227 youths, members of watch groups, CBOs local CSOs, DSW received capacity building training on Anti trafficking
  • 59 children referred and reunited with the families/communities
  • 500 Child protection Advocacy group formed
  • 107 Trafficked returnees received Criminal Justice and reintegration support
  • 457 children received services and support through outreach activities
  • 541 Children groups and youth clubs formed
  • 38 Children received vocational training and support
  • 80 child soldier cases reported via the hotline and provided with reintegration support
  • 82 Police official trained on victim centered investigation
  • 8 girls obtained jobs after completing vocational training
  • 15 families of effected children established small businesses