Disaster Risk Reduction & Response

Building resilience and being well prepared for disasters is the best way to reduce damage and causalities. World Vision Myanmar provides awareness on climate change, disaster risk reduction and management so that communities are better equipped in the event of natural disasters.

WVM is pre-positioned to respond to disasters with life-saving assistance and help families restart their lives. WVM has significantly expanded its humanitarian assistance to fragile contexts and helped children and the families affected by the armed conflict and communal violence in Kachin, Nothern Shan and Rakhine states.

Achievement in 2018

173 community members trained for Community based DRR, Climate Change DRR and Community Disaster Preparedness Plan (CDPP).

USD $3,519,355 worth of rice 5,987,104 MT distributed to 58,983 beneficiaries.

USD $1,221,230 of cash distributed to 58,983 beneficiaries.