Invitation To Register Aa A Supplier


World Vision Zambia Limited is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian humanitarian aid and development organization that is dedicated to helping children and their communities reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty. 

We serve poor children, families and communities through means such as emergency relief, education, health care, economic development and the promotion of justice, assisting people regardless of religion, ethnic background or gender. 

World Vision Zambia Limited invites reputable and eligible companies to express interest in registering as suppliers in order to provide Goods, Works, and Services listed below for an initial period of two years, with a possibility of extension thereafter.

GOODS                                                                                                        LOT NUMBER

Stationery and Computer Consumables                                              01/G/2020

Office and School Furniture                                                                     02/G/2020

Office Equipment                                                                                        03/G/2020

Computers and Accessories                                                                    04/G/2020

Plumbing Accessories                                                                               05/G/2020                  

Bicycles                                                                                                          06/G/2020

Digital Cameras and photographic Paper                                           07/G/2020

Medicines, Medical equipment and consumables                           08/G/2020

Insecticides Treated Nets                                                                        09/G/2020

Promotional Materials (T-shirts, shirts, banners, caps)                  10/G/2020

Hardware and Electricals                                                                         11/G/2020

Agricultural equipment                                                                             12/G/2020

Groceries                                                                                                       13/G/2020

Construction Materials                                                                             14/G/2020


SERVICES                                                                                                    LOT NUMBER

Courier services                                                                                             01/S/2020

Travel Agency services                                                                                02/S/2020

Motor Vehicle repair and maintenance                                                  03/S/2020

Motor Cycle repair and maintenance                                                      04/S/2020

Consultancy services                                                                                    05/S/2020

Printing works                                                                                                06/S/2020

Air conditioning services                                                                            07/S/2020

Hotels and Lodges                                                                                         08/S/2020

Cleaning services                                                                                           09/S/2020

Clearing and Forwarding services                                                            10/S/2020


WORKS                                                                                                        LOT NUMBER

Supply of Borehole mechanization materials                                     01/W/2020

Supply and installation of Solar panels                                                 02/W/2020

Borehole Drilling                                                                                          03/W/2020

Construction Works (Category B & C)                                                  04/W/2020


Prospective and eligible suppliers, in World Vision Zambia Area Programmes are particularly encouraged to apply for registration at any of the World Vision Zambia Area Programmes countrywide or alternatively at the National Office;

World Vision Zambia Limited, National Office, Plot no. 51/52 Great East Road, Lusaka.

Registration Forms can be collected from the World Vision National Office or any of the Area Programmes, countrywide. All prospective bidders must send their:

  • Company profiles (clearly stating the current physical address, contact telephone number and valid email address);
  • Most recent accounts (audited if available) or six months bank statement;
  • (Companies registered six months or less should provide all available bank statements);
  • Certificate of registration/incorporation;
  • ZRA registration certificate; valid tax clearance certificate;
  • Proof of past and current trade references;
  • All relevant statutory documents for the business related to your trade.

For IT Services, suppliers should show proof of being accredited as either support centers or solution providers for companies such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, etc.

Suppliers of medical supplies please show appropriate certification including registration with Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA).

All contractors should submit valid National Council for Construction (NCC) certificates,

All existing Vendors currently supplying goods, works and services to World Vision Zambia Limited, who wish to be considered for future contracts, should also apply with the required documentation.

All company submissions for Registration of Suppliers should be addressed to;

The Chairperson, Procurement Committee

World Vision Zambia Limited

Plot no. 51/52, Great East Road

P.O Box 31083,

Lusaka Zambia

The supplier registration document should be submitted in sealed envelopes, clearly marked on; Registration of Suppliers 2020: Indicating the Lot Category and Number and deposited in the Tender Box at the applicable place (National Office in Lusaka, or any of the World Vision Area Programmes countrywide). If suppliers are able to supply goods in more than one category, please send a submission for each category.

Submissions must be received no later than 10:30hrs 7th February, 2020

Late submissions will not be considered.