World Vision Niger

About Us

As of 2011, WV Niger’s staff of 170 manages a $15.6 million portfolio across the regions of Niamey, Tillaberi, Tahoua, Maradi, and Zinder. A strategic decision has recently been made to focus over the coming years on the areas of WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), health and nutrition, food security, and education and vocational training.


World Vision Niger was recently awarded 25.6 million dollars, over a period of 5 years, for its rural water project. This generous support comes from World Vision US and its WASH Partners, including the Hilton Foundation, Dornsife Family, other support offices and will build on existing water and sanitation activities carried out by WV Niger.

Last year the rural water project was able to complete the construction of 90 successful  boreholes, 2 mechanized systems and hundreds of household and school latrines. With this continued support the project aims to drill 800 new successful wells, 35 mechanized systems, construct 9,000 household demonstrative latrines, and 100 school latrines over the next five years.

Providing communities with clean water, better hygiene facilities and practices can significantly reduce levels of disease and infection. It can also increase school attendance and income generating activities due to the fact that children and adults are freed from the time consuming activity of fetching water from alternative sources such as wells and open water points.