Child Protection


What we want to do:

We want to see children in positive and peaceful relationships in their families and. We are working towards this by:

  • Ensuring families and communities understand children’s rights with emphasis on the importance of birth registration
  • Strengthening boys’ and girls’ resilience and capacity to become veritable actors for their protection and that of their peers
  • Contributing to eliminate all harmful practices, such as child marriage, that affect childhood and jeopardize children’s future
  • Making sure children live in safe communities with adequate places to play and develop
  • Making sure children are respected and allowed to participate in decisions that affect them
What is the problem?

Low levels of education and awareness among parents about child rights such as their registration at birth and proper care in the different phases of life, coupled with the improper interpretation of religious texts, put many children in Niger at risk.

How is World Vision addressing the issues?

We are working with the Government of Niger to make birth registration more accessible to families. To improve family and community relationships, we are providing parents and faith leaders with a right understanding of the role of families/communities and of discipline, one that does not involve physical aggression nor any other harmful practice.

Is what World Vision doing working?

Yes! Children in areas where we work are much more likely to have a birth certificate. 250 children’s clubs were established to teach children about their rights and 1,500 heads of family and community leaders trained to celebrate families.

What’s the impact?*
  • More than 12,200 birth certificates or birth declarative judgments were issued
  • 79.7% 1 in areas where World Vision is working compared to 29% nationally
  • 78% 2 of children aged 12-18 declare having a strong relationship with their parents or caregivers

*Numbers from 2016-2017

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