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World Vision’s relationship with the World Bank goes back over 20 years, beginning with collaborations on joint efforts such as the Participatory Learning and Project Cycle Reform processes at the global level, and the Uganda Programme to Alleviate Poverty and the Social Conditions of Adjustment at the country level. Since that time, we have expanded our global advocacy, programmatic and technical engagement through a broad range of initiatives ranging from studies of the country impact of Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers to a girl child multi-country partnership, and more recently, the Moral Imperative (MI), the Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA), and engagement in the development of the Bank’s new Fragility, Conflict and Violence (FCV) Strategy.

World Vision has also been part of Partnership for Economic Inclusion (PEI), a global partnership initiative led by the World Bank. PEI, anchored by the Sustainable Development Goal to ‘end poverty in all its forms everywhere by 2030’, aims to help governments and policy makers implement economic inclusion programmes to sustainably increase the income, assets, and economic resilience of people living in extreme poverty and vulnerability. Both PEI and World Vision are members of Poverty Alleviation Coalition (PAC) which aims to improve economic and social inclusion of extremely poor refugees and host community members using the field-tested graduation approach.

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PEI has three priority areas of work: country engagement so as to help governments implement economic inclusion programmes; innovation and learning so as to generate and share evidence; and practical knowledge sharing. As World Vision has an extensive experience of implementing economic inclusion and poverty alleviation programmes such as Savings for Transformation, Building Secure livelihoods, Ultra Poor Graduation programmes, World Vision is contributing to the partnership work through a wealth of field evidence, innovative approaches, and  in-country engagement and collaboration. 

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