World Vision Papua New Guinea

Turning the tide for Louisa

Daru had a steady supply of water and households had access to water taps right at their doorsteps. But that was in the 1980’s. Today, the island town is faced with many challenges.Tuberculosis, the major health epidemic that the province is battling has mad Daru the hot spot for TB. Not only this, but sanitation, hygiene and water issues, are also common in Daru.

Louisa Makai, a long-time resident who is vocal on issues affecting women in her community says the struggle to find and preserve water is not new to women and children in Daru. There is a greater need for access to clean safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in Daru. With World Vision WASH Voices for Empowerment (WAVE) Project, it aims to improve the lives of these people, strenghten existing systems, and promote gender social inclusion. Currently, the project is working together with the district authorities to help improve water systems and promote sanitation and hygiene practices in communities. This video showcases the need for people in Daru and the projects plans to address this issue.