Do No Harm

Integrating Peacebuilding and Conflict SensitivityWorld Vision uses the "Do No Harm" approach (also known as "Local Capacities for Peace" or LCP) to integrate conflict-sensitivity wherever it is relevant. "Do No Harm" is a tool first developed by Mary Anderson and published by the organisation CDA. World Vision is a founding member of the project that developed this tool.

Do No Harm (DNH) is now used widely by many aid organisations, including governments and multilateral organisations. World Vision is one of the most active organisations globally using the "Do No Harm" tool. DNH field assessments help understand conflict at a project or community level. When local leaders understand which activities divide or connect people, World Vision partners with them to design projects or programs to minimise harm and support local capacities to build peace. To see an example of Local Capacities for Peace, watch these young leaders in the Philippines explain how they lead other children in assessing local capacities for peace.

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