Integrating Peacebuilding and Conflict-Sensitivity

Integrating Peacebuilding and Conflict-Sensitivity
Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Integrating Peacebuilding and Conflict-Sensitivity (IPACS) is a local context analysis tool that enables better understanding of a specific area where a programme or project will take place. A team of five trained staff can use IPACS during the assessment, monitoring, implementation or evaluation phase of a programme, project, or activity. IPACS can also be conducted as an inter-agency exercise.

IPACS is built on two key tools:

  1. The industry-standard Do No Harm (DNH) tool, which helps projects build on community connectors and minimise dividers. (See our eLearning course on Do No Harm).
  2. Integrating Peacebuilding in Programming (IPIPs), a World Vision-designed tool that helps integrate five strategic peacebuilding processes into large-scale programmes:
    • good governance
    • community capacities that generate hope;
    • coalitions across boundaries;
    • transformed relationships; and
    • just distribution of sustainable resources

IPACS generates recommendations for how a project or programme can minimise negative impact and maximise positive impact. 

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