2018 Annual Report - World Vision Mauritania

Dear friends,

The year 2018 was a full year, both in terms of activities carried out and results achieved. Once again, the World Vision Mauritania office has demonstrated professionalism.

This annual report presents the impact of our interventions and achievements in partnership with national and local stakeholders during the year fiscale 2018 (1 October 2018 - 30 September 2018). The objectives of our new 2016-2021 strategy, of which 2018 was the third year of implementation, focus on education, food security, health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation and emergency at Mbera camp in Bassikounou.

On behalf of all World Vision staff, please accept our gratitude for your contribution to improving the well-being of children in Mauritania. We cannot conclude without expressing our sincere thanks to the administrative authorities such as the Walis and Hakems as well as the decentralized services of the State and the Mayors of the municipalities who have spared no effort to support the implementation of
the planned activities to this end.

Lilian Dodzo
National Director
Mali - Mauritania