FCPA: Fragile Contexts Programming Approach: Designing for impact in fragile contexts

FCPA: Fragile Contexts Programming Approach 3 pager
Tuesday, January 11, 2022

What is FCPA and why is it needed?

FCPA is World Vision’s preferred approach to deliver safe, coherent and sustained child well-being impact in fragile contexts.

Fragile contexts are volatile and in these contexts children suffer extreme levels of violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. Political and social pressures have made these places vulnerable to conflict. They have fractured or weakened the institutions that should protect children such as health or education services. As part of World Vision’s global strategy, the organisation has made it a priority to deepen our commitment to reach the most vulnerable children and families living in these most difficult and dangerous places.

The complexity of working in fragile contexts requires long term consistency, agility (ie ability to change) and flexibility to ensure good programming, throughout design, implementation and impact measurement. World Vision has therefore developed the Fragile Context Programme Approach (FCPA) to help the organisation adapt, and manage risk, more effectively in these places while being context-sensitive. It has become the organisation’s core approach across all funding streams in fragile contexts.