GIFT Manual Printing Version cover

Gender Inclusive Financial Literacy Manual Printing Version

As a child-focused organisation, our vision is to economically empower caregivers for the well-being
of their children. We want to see increased incomes for women and men translate into child well-being outcomes. To achieve this, the global evidence is clear: gender equality and women’s economic
empowerment (WEE) is a key driver in realising child well-being outcomes. When women are stable financial contributors to a household, investments in children’s health and education increase.

This Gender Inclusive Financial Literacy (GIFT) manual was developed for couples and aims to ensure that both women and men have access to the financial literacy knowledge and skills that they need to manage their money and save for the future, including for emergencies. This can help families to benefit more from the income they earn, as well as to ensure that they have savings to help them respond and adapt to economic, social and environmental shocks.