Earthquake in Albania - Key findings of World Vision Rapid Assessment Report

An earthquake with 6.4-magnitude hit Albania on 26 November 2019, with a death toll of 51 people, about 1,000 injured and about 14,000 people temporary displaced. The epicentre was around 20 miles west of the heavily populated capital city of Tirana, between the coastal town of Durres and the city of Thumana, both of which suffered severe damage. Durrës, Thumanë, Tirana, Lezha and Kurbin are the mostaffected areas in the country, with severe damage to houses, schoolsand other buildings.

Within hours from the earthquake, World Vision Albania mobilized its resources and started responding to the needs of the affected population in Durrës, Thumana, Kurbin, Lezha and Kamza in coordination with national and local government.

Rapid Assessments Purpose

Rapid Assessments aims to provide WV programme and operations team with information so that they can plan and implement relevant and effective programs aligned with community-identified needs on the ground. This report provides a snapshot of the situation in the areas affected by the earthquake where World Vision Albania (WVA) is present with its long-term programmes Durres, Kamza, Kurbin and Lezha municipalities.

Key findings:

Overall, shelter/damaged house is the most commonly named problem, followed by health issues traumatized adults & traumatized children, livelihood and income, children’s education, water and food; protection and information.