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Study findings on services and assistance provided to returnees in 13 Municipalities in Albania

Reintegration of returnees and investments for them in Albania

A study by World Vision Albania and the Albanian Center for Economic Research conducted as part of the project "Reintegration of Returnees from Immigration and Investment for them in Albania" points out that over 70 percent of returning migrants believe that three main services should be considered a priority to help with their reintegration: housing, facilitating employment through the Regional Office of Labor and providing information on public services that benefit returning migrants.

The report notes that 59 percent of returning migrants are working illegally, while 68.9 percent are unemployed. Furthermore, only 41 percent of returning migrants are insured by their employer, and a significant amount live below or on minimum wage; 36 percent claimed that their families' average incomes range between 10,100-25,000 ALL (100 - 250 US$) / month.

World Vision Albania and its partners: National Association Education for Life (SHKEJ) and the Foundation “Spirit of Love“- Diakonia Agapes over the last year have been implementing the “Returnees reintegrate and reinvest within country”– RE-IN-VEST – Programme in Albania funded by the German Government and implemented by GIZ Albania.