Laos - FIES infographics

Infographics: The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Food Security in Laos

Although employment had risen after the opening of the country in mid-2022, Laos’ economy has faced challenges with inflation and KIP depreciation. Inflation has accelerated from 6.2% in January 2022 to 40.3% in January 2023, resulting in an increase in food and fuel prices surged by 45.8 percent and 50.4 percent respectively in December 2022.  

This has affected poor households and has pushed them into food insecurity and poverty. Two-thirds of households had reported spending less on health and education, which could have a long-term impact on human development. 

World Vision has conducted a Food Insecurity Experience Survey (FIES) to understand the current situation of food insecurity in its target areas in Laos. 

217 rural households from areas where World Vision operates have responded to the survey questionnaire, conducted in January, outside of the traditional “hungry months”.