AHAN End-line evaluation

AHAN Partnership for Improved Nutrition: End-line evaluation

Started in 2017, the Accelerating Healthy Agriculture and Nutrition (AHAN) Project, funded by the European Union as part of the Partnership for Improved Nutrition (PIN), has significantly improved the nutrition outcomes of 124 rural communities in Southern Laos. Among the end-line evaluation results, it has been noted that:

  • Stunting rates in children under five years old have significantly decreased from 46.7% (2018) to 29.3% (2022);
  • The prevalence of underweight in children under five years old also decreased from 34% (2018) to 26.8% (2022);
  • Households' food security has surged from 11.7% (2018) to 70.2% (2022).


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