CVA Database in PowerBi

CVA Database in PowerBi Introductory brief

World Vision's Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) Database and its accompanying mobile application are Global digital solutions that capture the data from the social accountability process of CVA, including the monitoring of service standards (mini-social audits), community score-cards and community action plans. While the CVA approach is right at the front line, it generates volumes and volumes of original, powerful, citizen generated data and evidence that when brought together can help show patterns in service gaps or successes. These services are setup on the CVA database which collects the results of the social audits, score cards, and action plans that constitute the CVA process. The CVA database PowerBI Dashboards; the Analytical platform of the CVA database therefore provide a more comprehensive, visually rich, flexible analytics and dashboards that can reveal patterns of public service challenges e.g. in health care, education, child protection, social protection, Livelihoods and WASH that are not only useful in engagements with governments at subnational and national level, but we believe can help inform strategic decisions and program interventions. They are currently over 21 countries on-boarded onto the CVA database with over 6,000 facilities and 14,000 community score-cards done and tracking over 16,500 community actions for implementation.