WVI Nepal COVER Project Phase II SitRep 5 (9 June 2021 update)

WVI Nepal COVER Project Phase II SitRep 5 (9 June 2021 update)
Thursday, June 10, 2021

Following are the major highlights of Nepal COVER Project – Phase II, as of 9 June 2021:

  • The third episode of radio programme "Hamro Ghar Hamro Paathsaala" has been broadcasted through Association of Community Radio Broadcasters Nepal (ACORAB) to remotely engage and help children continue their learning during the prolonged nationwide lockdown implemented to contain COVID-19. The radio programme is aired every Friday through ACORAB, the largest network of community radios in Nepal with the capacity to reach over 15 million people through its 300 + stations across 77 districts of Nepal.
  • During first 30 days of the response, distribution of all medical supplies to Federal, Province and Local Governments have been completed.
  • Data collected through the Rapid Needs Assessment carried out in 15 districts of Nepal is being analysed. The assement which had a total of 1,346 respondents (657 adults and 689 children) is being conducted to initiate food and agri-inputs support to most the most vulnerable and food insecure households, preferably through Cash and Voucher modality.