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Rapid Needs Assessment of Ukrainian refugee children and families in Constanta, Romania

World Vision recently completed a rapid needs assessment of Ukrainian refugees in Constanta, Romania between 26-28 April, 2022. The vast majority of refugees in the city are women, many of whom fled their homes with young children, and most of whom had to leave family behind.

This assessment highlights a high level of need in Constanta. Although many families have been able to stay in hotels for free until now, as the tourism season gets closer they are at increased risk of being asked to leave in favour of paying customers. While some of the hotel managers who have opened their doors to refugees would continue hosting if the government covers some costs, many will have to prioritise their businesses during the summer season. Most refugees will likely need to find other accommodation - and soon!

Many of the refugees are from Odesa, Mykolaiv, and Kherson. Families in Constanta are much less likely than families surveyed in any other assessment (Bucharest, Iasi, Chernivtsi (Ukraine)) to be able to meet their food, water, hygiene and clothing needs. Only 54% of respondents know about available mental health services and 34% of respondents raised concerns about their children’s mental health. The lack of information about legal rights in Romania was highlighted as a main stressor for 33% of respondents.

Children living in shelters in Constanta have expressed concern about their loved ones, as well as feelings of anxiety and insecurity, and worry about missing out on education. 64% of adults surveyed have children who are of school age.