World Vision Position Paper: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Urban Development

cover of report shows text and image of girls sitting outside
Tuesday, June 21, 2022

World Vision believes that every child and youth should grow up in a fair, just, and socially cohesive city; cared for and protected from violence; with equal opportunity to grow, learn, and contribute to shaping future cities. Children and youth must be recognised as key resources and agents of change and provided opportunities to meaningfully engage in local, national, regional, and global decision-making processes; including in the planning and design of the cities where they live. Children and youth can drive social, political, technological, and economic transformation in cities, as knowledge bearers of their local contexts, and as such should be considered more than mere beneficiaries. They should be acknowledged among key urban actors and included in partnerships formed to shape city development at the policy and programming levels.

To achieve the 2030 Agenda and leave no one behind, based on our extensive experience working with children, youth and families and partners in both fragile and stable urban contexts, in this paper, World Vision puts forward a number of recommendations for local and national governments, donors, and civil society organisations working together in urban contexts.