US Ambassador Hans Klemm visiting World Vision Romania programmes

On 6 April 2017 World Vision Romania, Iasi and Vaslui area development programme had the pleasure of welcoming US Ambassador Hans Klemm to Todiresti community. Part of the programmes visited by Ambassador Klemm are supported by American private companies and individuals.

Ambassador Klemm had a chance to meet with school children and talk about the remedial education programme. He also met with the members of the Community Committee from Todiresti and representatives of the Youth Committee to discuss about the community's needs and plans to address domestic violence and health and hygiene issues. In his meeting with members of economic development associations he found out about the challenges they are facing in attracting European funds. 

Ambassador Klemm also visited a family that, through one of their children, is part of the Child Sponsorship programme. He could hear first hand about the impact of such a programme in the lives of the children, families and the whole community. His visit was an honour for the community and an excellent opportunity to present the work that has been done so far, the most pressing needs and plans for the future.

Vaslui is one of the poorest counties in Romania and the European Union. World Vision started working in this area eight years ago. The Child Sponsorship programme includes 1915 children and their families. The main objectives of the programme are: reduction of functional illiteracy and school abandonment, engagement of children and youth in community development, prevention of child abuse, neglect, exploitation and spiritual nourishment of children.

Beside Child Sponsorship, World Vision Romania in Vaslui is also implementing four economic development and food security projects, which have helped more than 450 families in the past five years. The total budget of the Vaslui community development programme is around US$350,000.