World Vision Senegal

About us

Our vision

For every child, life in all its fullness; our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so.

Our approach 

World Vision Senegal uses a community-based approach working closely with children, households, communities, local authorities and partners. We listen to families, understand their issues, and empower communities with skills and resources that bring lasting change for children.

We serve most the vulnerable children and families through a multi-sector programmatic approach in health and nutrition, education and life skills, food security and resilience, advocacy, child protection and participation and local leadership development. 

Our principles

PARTNERING FOR CHANGE : We build strong relations and work in close partnership with CBO (Community Based Organizations), FBOs (Faith Based Organizations) and local, national and international NGOs to improve aid effectiveness for target communities.

ALIGNMENT WITH GOVERNMENT STRATEGY : Our program approach is aligned to Senegal’s Government development strategies and plans to maximize impact

CROSS-CUTTING THEMES : Addressing Gender, Environment, HIV and AIDS and Persons with Disabilities are critical to attaining major goals in poverty reduction.

OWNERSHIP OF COMMUNITY/ ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP : The community decides what are its development priorities and works alongside World Vision to achieve its goals.

SECTOR SPECIALISTS : World Vision has skilled technical staff to deliver effective outcomes in each of the priority sectors.

World Vision, for the well-being of children