Our Work

Senegal Health and Nutrition
Health and Nutrition


What we want to do:

We want to see all children, under the age of 5, and all women of childbearing age to enjoy better access to health care and appropriate nutrition. We are working towards this by:

-Increasing the number of children who are protected from disease

-Increasing the number of children who are well nourished

-Ensuring children and their caregivers have access to essential health services

Senegal Education and Lifeskills

Education and Lifeskills


What we want to do:

We want to see all children in Senegal have the opportunity to receive a quality education that will prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of the future.  We are working towards this by:

-Increasing children’s access to formal and non-formal education opportunities

-Ensuring children who attend school are learning

-Equipping communities to support education and participate in the effective management of schools.

-Ensuring children not only learn about academics, they also learn civic and moral values as well as their place and role as citizens both in their communities and in their country.

Senegal Child Protection and Participation

Child Protection and Participation


What we want to do:

We want all children to know they are loved by God and their neighbors and to be cared for, protected and participating in the decisions that affect them and their lives. We are working towards this by:

-Ensuring families and communities understand children’s rights

-Helping families understand the importance of birth registration

-Making sure children live in safe families and communities with adequate places to play and develop

-Making sure children are respected and allowed to participate in decisions that affect them

-Ensuring children enjoy a positive relationship with their peers, family members and communities

-Helping children to grow in their discovery of God’s love in an environment that gives them this freedom

Senegal Livelihoods and resilience

Livelihoods and Resilience 


What we want to do:

We believe that all children are gifts from God and should be cared for, protected and empowered to participate in the direction of their lives. Although many families desire to provide these things for their children, they lack the ability and/or the resources to do so. We are working towards this by:

-Increasing families’ incomes and, as a result, their abilities to provide for their children’s needs

-Empowering communities to plan for, cope with and recover from disasters

-Helping families adopt best practices for the sustainable management of natural resources