World Vision partners with Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited

World Vision has teamed up with Solomon Islands biggest palm oil exporter, the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited (GPPOL) in a partnership that will provide work experience for unemployed youth in Honiara. A memorandum of understanding between GPPOL and World Vision was signed last week by GPPOL’s General Manager, Andrew Kerr and World Vision Operations Manager, Bridget Sitai.

“We’re more than happy to provide the opportunity for work, as long as those joining are willing to work hard and make the most of the opportunity provided,” said GPPOL General Manager, Andrew Kerr.

Youth will be chosen from participants of World Vision’s Honiara Youth Development and Small Enterprise Project (HYDESEP), which provides employment opportunities for young people from the communities of Burns Creek, White River, Fulisango, Mamanawata, and Sun Valley.

This is a promising opportunity for young people to learn by being part of a workforce.

“This is a promising opportunity for young people to learn by being part of a workforce. At the same time we hope we can fill in some of GPPOL’s labour needs,” said Bridget Sitai, World Vision Operations.

The first round of youth recruits will be employed for three months, and will be based at GPPOL and be part of the organisations 1,500 workforce. HYDSEP is part of the Solomon Islands Economic Development project which is supported by the Australian Government and is working to empower up to 700 young people, to access meaningful work opportunities.

Under HYDSEP youths are nominated by their community to take part in World Vision’s life skills training program. Following the first round of training youth are selected for internship opportunities, or for training on how to start, operate and maintain their own small business.

Other organisations that have participated in World Vision’s internship program include Solbrew, Company Haus (Ministry of Commerce) and Heritage Park Hotel.