Maternal Child Health and Nutrition Factsheet

The statistics for Maternal Child Health and Nutrition in the Solomon Islands have been improving over the last 10 years, however maternal mortality and infant mortality rates are high and immunisation rates are low compared to other South Pacific nations.  Up to 30 percent of babies are born in their home, often hours away from the closest health centre.  Appropriate essential newborn care is often overlooked, being replaced by traditional rituals which in some cases compromise the health of the newborn child.  These issues are hard to address given the isolated location of many communities within the Solomon Islands.

World Vision has four Maternal Child Health and Nutrition projects in 61 communities in the Solomon Islands.  The projects aim to improve the health and nutrition of women and children by increasing knowledge of health issues, nutrition, pregnancy, delivery and children 0-5 years.

To learn more, download the Maternal Child Health and Nutrition factsheet.