Sharing Humanity: As a Monitoring Coordinator - Francis Sopamana

To mark World Humanitarian Day on 19th August, World Vision’s Monitoring Coordinator, Francis Sopamana have shared his passion and experiences working for World Vision as one of the Humanitarian organization helping vulnerable communities in his country. 

Mr Sopamana as a Monitoring coordinator, he supported the National Disaster Management Office to train assessment teams on the use of smartphones and tablets for rapid assessment in response to Cyclone Donna.

Kobo, is the National Disaster Management Office platform, used for data collection.

“Based on our experience from last year’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Makira, Kobo can help collect information more efficiently, faster and accurately,” said Sopamana.
Kobo training 1

World Humanitarian Day is a time to recognize and honor those who face danger and adversity inorder to help others and raise public awareness of humanitarian assistance to millions. It is also seeks to draw attention to humanitarian needs worldwide and to explain what humanitarian aid work entails.
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