Enkhjin: Joy is loving what you do

Enkhjin: Joy is loving what you do

"I feel joyful being with my club members, talking and sharing ideas. Sharing my ideas and listening to others' ideas is important," says 15 years old Enkhjin. Enkhjin is one of the 17 members of the eco-club Choir in Gobisumber Province, Mongolia.

Besides her club, her school is hosting six other clubs for aspiring doctors, police officers, rescuers, debaters, and journalists. Over 100 students like Enkhjin are participating in these child development clubs.  

"I am interested to join the eco-club because it helps children to open up and learn to express themselves," shares Enkhjin.

"Last year, our club organised the campaign called 'The clean school', and collected batteries in support of the Earth Day."  

“To me, joy is doing what you like and loving what you do. I wish every child has the freedom to do what they love to do while also developing themselves. I love to play guitar, I am not good at it, but when I play music I feel joy,” Enkhjin continues. 

Enkhjin: I wish every child has the freedom to do what they love to do while developing themselves.


World Vision is impacting over 115,000 children through its child development programme across Mongolia, including the most remote areas. 

Promoting child participation is consistently at the core of our programmes. We strongly believe that girls and boys, regardless of their backgrounds, are key change makers, partners in their own and their community’s development, and champions for children’s rights. The journey to fulfil such potentials starts with respectful environments and opportunities for girls and boys to express opinions, be listened to, and spark child-led solutions that change communities.

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