Ismael Ould Messaoud, gérant du château d’eau de Lemtouweighe à Guérou, avec des enfants du quartier.
Ismael Ould Messaoud, gérant du château d’eau de Lemtouweighe à Guérou, avec des enfants du quartier.

Integrated approach: Guerou's multifaceted and effective program

This action is manifested first of all by strong support for the regional health directorate (DRAS). The integral construction of the Guerou health centre represents one of the pillars of this intervention, based on the idea of ​​an integrated, multisectoral approach.

"World Vision has been there for almost 20 years and has literally accompanied us with this health centre: imagine that before this centre, we had to go as far as Kiffa, 45 kilometres away for treatment," explains Fatimetou, a resident of Guérou, came to visit his sick brother in the centre.

“Improved indicators related to maternal and child health are evident since the advent of World Vision in the region, particularly in the department of Guerou. It is the most present partner, and the most regular in its support for the communities,” recognizes Hassan Mohamed, prefect of the department of Guérou.

In total, 19,180 individuals were directly impacted by this health support, including 9,468 children.

WASH is also on the agenda

In the moughataa of Guerou, World Vision has also carried out activities related to the construction of water points for the communities for the past 10 years. In the departmental capital, Guerou, in the eastern district of Lemtouweighe, the erection of a water tower has been completed.

“I remember that in 2010, a lot of water projects were started. It was a period when the inhabitants of the district went to fetch water far away. And it was often water from cesspools. The water towers built by World Vision, if they did not supply 100% of the entire locality of Guerou, at least 60% of the neighbourhoods were filled,” says Ismaël Ould Messaoud, manager of the Lemtouweighe water tower.

"This has impacted our lives directly, especially since World Vision's support has been multi-sectoral and has touched other areas of our community lives," he continues, laconic, happily surrounded by neighbourhood children.

For increased resilience to shocks

Less than 100 metres from the water tower, the neighbourhood community shop. Increased resilience through a community shop in the neighbourhood is part of this integrated approach in Guérou.

Aichetou Mint Mohamed is a member: “Even before the erection of this shop, we had a contribution fund (saving group for which they benefited from the support of World Vision). Little by little, we have contributed in parallel to opening this shop. Our children have been the great beneficiaries of this progress. With the profits from the shop, we buy school supplies and possibly medicines for the children. explains the young woman, surrounded by her pairs.

“I have been elected from the commune since 2014, and of all the NGOs operating here, none has had such an obvious impact on so many aspects of the life of our communities,” testifies Cheikh Moctar, Mayor of Guerou.