Children of grade one drawing their negative emotions during the Mandala psychosocial support session in Iraq
He flew his paper plane and smiled
In his first-grade classroom, a boy sends a paper plane flying. What may seem like a simple act, it actually carries a deeper meaning. After the conflict with ISIL in Iraq, many children lost their parents, their homes and were displaced. Many children were still carrying the effect of their experiences and some have even developed psychological stress and resulting behavior change.
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After the airstrike
Families fleeing Mosul speak of the horrors and violence they've encountered -- but with a newfound sense...
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One Month On Response Update
Khalil Sleiman, Response Manger of northern Iraq shares an update on the humanitarian situation as thousands more...
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Thursday, November 17, 2016 - 09:35
Memories of Mosul
Children from Mosul are reeling from two years of conflict. One month after forces launched the battle...
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