Tools and training improve harvests for vulnerable farmers in South Sudan

Despite the fact that access to food is a human right, 821 million people do not get enough to eat and South Sudan has one of the highest rates of food insecurity.

At World Vision, we believe access to good nutrition should be available to all people, always. That is why we are working to provide for immediate needs of survival, while also addressing the root causes of food insecurity, increasing knowledge of proper nutrition and equipping parents the tools they need to be able to provide nutritious foods for their families.

Watch this video to learn how by providing farmers with the necessary tools and proper information, families, like that of Joyce, were able to significantly increase their harvests and their ability to provide for their needs.

By uniting to share our love of food, we can work together to tackle hunger and ensure access to nutritious food for all people, regardless of where they live.

Hunger is solvable if we all work together.

Help the most vulnerable children in dangerous places survive, recover, build a future.

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