Clean, safe, and cheaper cooking for all

Funded by Australian Aid, World Vision Myanmar conducted an impact assessment of the Mimi Moto stove in the district of Chauk, a dry zone area in the upper Myanmar. Stove usage patterns, fuel consumptions as well as the concentration and provenance of fine particulate matters the cooks were exposed to, were being measured in the assessment.

About 90 households that use different cookstoves were selected from 3 villages and divided into 3 groups. The control group used only traditional stoves. The first intervention group used the Mimi Moto stove with firewood while the second intervention group used the Mimi Moto stove with rice husk pellets. After the test, 100% of the households would prefer to use the Mimi Moto cookstove.

Mimi Moto offers a safe, affordable, and accessible cooking solution that can dramatically reduce fuel consumption and exposure to harmful cookstove smoke.