Children at Child Friendly Spaces learn local handicrafts as a form of art therapy
Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Free from the militias, a fresh start
More than 1,000 children are running and playing at our Child Friendly Space in Tshimbulu town, the second largest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kasai Central province. An exuberant group of musicians and dancers are shaking and smiling at the back, and to the right a mass of toddlers sit and play with dolls. Some adolescent girls are painting rocks and making mini replicas of cars with bits of discarded plastic, and a scrum of children are playing multiple football matches at the entrance to the field. It’s a picture of organised and joyful chaos.
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La crise a lourdement affecté m’affaires
La crise sécuritaire que vit le Mali depuis 2012 a embrassé tous les secteurs de l'environnement socio- économique du pays. De ces complications s'est ajoutée l'instabilité des pluies, qui, à son tour a aussi provoquée une crise alimentaire. La plupart des familles ont du mal à joindre les deux bouts. Certaines mères de familles qui s'en sortaient avec le petit commerce de façon quotidienne ont aussi commencée à s'embourber dans la crise.
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October 16th 2018
“This crisis has weakened us!”
Mali central region (Mopti), has fallen since 2012 into a deep multi-dimensional crisis that covered all the aspect of basic life. The general instability, in the northern and center of the country has affected all sectors of social development. Due to territorial insecurity, the country found itself in repetitive food insecurity, unparalleled by the lack of rainfall in recent years, this situation has grafted inter-community conflicts that have paralysed specific sectors of development in the regions.
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October 8th 2018
Compassion is a Virtue
A human is the most perfect and yet complex being on the earth. An individual can show their qualities, either negative or positive, in a variety of ways depending on a particular situation. After working in at least four different emergency responses, our human behavior never ceases to amaze me. On a return trip from Sevare after a mission, a town 500 kilometers from the capital Bamako, I had more insights about the complex and sensitive ethnic conflict in Central Mali through an unlikely source.
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July 5th 2018
Hope on Crisis - Tackling Food Security in Central Mali
According to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reports, 165,000 children are suffering from malnutrition in the Central Mali Crisis. Reports indicate that visits to local health centers have declined drastically due to insecurity, leading district health and sanitation representatives to fear the worst. A combination of climate change and insecurity since last year has worsened the situation of already vulnerable families in the conflict areas. As a consequence, most families have lost crops, access to their land and their property in general.
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June 1st 2018
Marie worries about the militias in Kasai Central restarting
Marie is playing for the future in Kazumba, Kasai Central, DRC
When I first meet Marie she’s playing football with other teenage girls at a World Vision Child Friendly Space, an hour and a half drive from the regional capital of Kananga in Kasai Central in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Bright and full of life, Marie is also one of the 2.3 million children who have been affected by the crisis that broke out across the Kasai provinces in late 2016. Now, almost two years since the beginning of the violence, peace has mostly returned to the Kasais, but the effects of the violence still linger.
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May 19th 2018
Mphutu Makebu, 22, is a mother of three children and one of the beneficiaries. She says “I feel relieved to receive this food. My children will have something to eat. I wish this could go on until we start harvesting our own food.”
A gleam of hope as aid gets to Kasai
The people of Tshimbu, in Kasai Central in the Democratic Republic of Congo, can breathe a sigh of relief. World Vision and the World Food Programme (WFP) are providing food assistance to ease the widespread hunger and malnutrition that has been left behind by last year's ethnic conflicts. When the war broke out in August 2016, the inhabitants of Tshimbu, mostly farmers, fled their homes and abandoned their farms. Nearly 1.6 million people were displaced in the crisis, and about 3.2 million became food insecure. 
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March 27th 2018