Thursday, May 15, 2014
In India, a rubber plantation means Tlangnunthang can dream about the future
With the aim to generate sustainable income, Tlangnunthang was one of 1144 beneficiaries who rubber received saplings. "I received 200 saplings. World Vision also facilitated training on managing the plantation. I was taught how to plant the saplings, how deep to dig before planting, and what is the ideal distance between plants, and other processes regarding rubber cultivation," says 38-year-old Tlangnunthang. World Vision helped the community buy a rubber pressing machine, helping them navigate their relationship with the local rubber board and financing the expensive machine. 
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e-mlimi: Transforming Farmer's Lives through Technology
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July 15th 2019
Heart, Mind and Pocket: Transforming Farmers Lives in Malawi through Mindset Change
Among problems facing people in Malawi are food, water and financial insecurities. Poverty is deep and endemic that people cannot appreciate the natural resources and blessings God has bestowed on them, to break free. As part of the Transforming Households Resilience in Vulnerable Environments (THRIVE) project, World Vision has been training communities in the Empowered Biblical World View as one way of freeing their minds and appreciating God’s blessings.
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July 15th 2019
Malawi: Transforming Farmers Lives through Empowered World View
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July 15th 2019
Planting the seeds of success
"Thanks to Vision Fund, my husband and I have been able to take better care of our family's education and health, and guarantee our self-sufficiency in food."  My name is Mrs. Daba Mbow, 43 years old and a member of the market garden strip group in the village of Djilor, located in the district of Fimela. I have eight children - two girls and six boys.The bad old daysMy husband Samba only used to farm peanuts, millet, and beans and also do some fishing on the side. We had to rely entirely on these two sources of income.
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March 7th 2019
Living with the disability
Jovana (12), and Dejan (8) are walking approximately one hour, each day from school to their home. The road takes them over the valleys and up the hills, and as it’s one of the final days of a golden fall, weather is still warm enough for a brisk walk.A chilly wind carries the children’s’ chatter down the small mountain stream and Jovana pulls up her hoodie. “It will be much harder during the winter”, she says. The children are concerned about the signs of a rapidly approaching winter, when the snow will cover the mountain, slowing them down and making their way home even longer.
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December 3rd 2018
Nutrition Links: Building Capacity for Sustainable Livelihoods in Ghana
World Vision was a partner in the multi-sectoral, five-year Nutrition Links project, helping to improve the food security, dietary quality and nutritional status of women and children under five years, while diversifying economic activities in rural areas of the Upper Manya Krobo District of Ghana. Collaborating partners included McGill University, University of Ghana, Heifer International, Farm Radio International, Population Council, Ghana Health Service, with funding from Global Affairs Canada.
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September 20th 2018
The meeting with World Vision, an opportunity
"To come together is a beginning, to stay together is progress, to work together is success.”  Satou Mbengue got it immediately when she met a team from the Kathiotte ADP in 2002. World Vision was in need of partners who would be trustworthy and principled men and women, ready to go the extra mile for the good of the collective. Since launching their working relationship back then, Satou has proven to be the epitome of the indefatigable community activist.
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April 26th 2018