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Press Release • Monday, January 23rd 2017

Donors urged to take longer-term approach to Syria funding

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World Vision is among 28 aid agencies urging donor countries to redouble their efforts to support refugees fleeing Syria, one year after pledges were made at a major summit in London. 
The call comes as a conference gets under way on Tuesday (24th January) in Helsinki to discuss long-term solutions to the Syria Crisis. The event, entitled ‘Supporting Syrians and the Region’, aims to present the objectives, contents and achievements of the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) and the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). 
Wynn Flaten, Director of World Vision’s Syria Response, said: 
“There was a strong show of immediate financial support for Syrian refugees after the London conference, which is welcome. 
“But the fact remains this is a long-term crisis, soon to enter its seventh year. That means we need long-term commitments, rather than stop-start funding which plunges children who have fled this intractable war into further uncertainty. 
“Some governments, notably Australia and Canada, have done well on this front; others have a long way to go. 
“Children have been born into this crisis; it is all they have ever known, and they will need support for years to restore a sense of hope, and to provide the best possible start in life. 
“On resettling refugees, it’s clear that many donor countries have fallen short. Syria’s neighbours are under immense strain, shouldering an unbearable burden with nearly five million Syrian refugees. Yet fewer than three per cent have been taken in by donor countries.”