Savings groups empowering women in Mutasa

Savings groups empowering women in Mutasa district of Zimbabwe

Savings for transformation groups commonly known as Village Lending and Savings groups are one of the economic models being used by World Vision to empower women in communities across the country.

Takwirira Savings and Producer group of ward 3 is one of the examples transforming the lives of rural women in Mutasa. Formed in 2015, the twelve-member group has been pooling resources together to increase their ability to engage in economic activities.

After receiving training from World Vision’s Mutasa Area programme the group mastered the importance of saving for transformation. They used proceeds from their income generating activities to establish projects that benefit the community and children.

The group, through savings, managed to raise a total of US$10,034 which was used to purchase 100 Boschveld chickens, an incubator and a generator.

On a monthly basis the group is raking approximately US$700.

For Francisca Rufutse, who is also the treasurer, the savings group has helped her pay school fees for her child and other grand children.