Water, Sanitation and Hygiene


What we want to do:

We want to see all children have enjoy access to clean water and improved sanitation facilities close to their homes so that they can stay well. We are working towards this by increasing:

  • Access to safe and adequate water for children and their communities
  • Access to improved sanitation facilities and hygiene practices 

What is the problem?

Lack of knowledge on health and hygiene practices coupled with low access to hygiene-enabling facilities which further increases the risk of infection and communicable diseases.

How is World Vision addressing the issues?

World Vision is supporting the drilling and rehabilitation of water sources to increase the number and percentage of households using improved sources of drinking water, the percentage of households using improved sanitation facilities, and the proportion of households with basic hand-washing facilities as well as promotion of participatory health and hygiene education (PHHE).


Is what World Vision doing working/Impact

 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene interventions included increasing access to safe and clean water, improving sanitation facilities, and promoting good hygiene practices. World Vision has partnered with several organizations in implementing rural and urban WASH programs across the country.

A total of 293,154children and 284,847adults were reached with clean water and sanitation facilities.