Seasonal Support Emergency Response in Ghor and Badghis

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Key figures


Project value


Individuals will be provided with food assistance

39,871.405 MT

of unconditional nutrition-sensitive in-kind food assistance will be distributed

Goals and objectives

The “Seasonal Support Emergency Response” project funded by the World Food Programme aims to provide nutrition-sensitive, unconditional emergency food assistance to members of severely vulnerable, food-insecure households, including pregnant and lactating women and children 6-59 months, in targeted districts to prevent further deterioration of their food security and nutritional status. The project will help these households avoid or minimise the needs for targeted households to resort to negative coping strategies during the months of most severe food insecurity. 

Key actions

Under this project, World Vision Afghanistan will provide unconditional nutrition-sensitive in-kind food assistance. Children (6-59 months) and pregnant and lactating women will be provided with monthly preventive blanket supplementary feeding programme (BSFP) rations alongside the food commodity to crisis-affected people.  

Project duration 
July 2022 to June 2024

Project locations
Provincial Capital (Qala-e- Now), Ab Kamari, Muqur, Qadis, Bala Murghab and Jawand districts of Badghis Province, and Provincial Capital (Ferozkoh), Char Sada, Dawlatyar, Murghab of Ghor Province