I am here...

"- I do not want to get married...!" To Lea, marriage means violence, slavery, imprisonment. That is what both she and her mother have experienced from her father. Fear, violence and threats till the day they decided to put an end to it, and reported him to the police. However, Lea is not the only one. Across the country, it turns out that 70% of children experience a form of violence that goes unreported and they have learned to silently live with it. 

There are parents who declare that violence is a form of discipline, there are neglected children who face all forms of violence, there are children who use violence against one another, as well as teachers and guardians who through violence seek to bring about children’s education. It has got to stop... It is the children the ones seeking to be reared with love and care. 

A short journey of 7 children who remind us that only the love and support of each one of us can move us towards ending of violence and generating love.